Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Nature into art

There are so many ways to use the things around you to make beautiful objects.

Painted sticks by Ginette Lapalm!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Simple Cinnamon Rolls

At some point you find yourself in a situation where you need to make breakfast or snacks for others. This can be potentially embarrassing for those of us with toddler-like abilities in the kitchen.
I thought this was a cute idea - putting mini cinnamon rolls on sticks. It looks cute and you can get cinnamon rolls in those super easy Pillsbury cylinders. Just lay them on a sheet and heat. My kind of cooking.

(Source: pinterest.com)

Repurpose: Garage to Garden

I love the idea of decorating for a party with the cool shit in your garage.


garden party decor (Leo Patrone - Photography - via)

DIY: Suspenders

These are friggin adorable!

via ps-imadethis:

We can’t suspend time, however pants we can.

Measure and cut two pieces of ribbon and/or material. The “front” material should be longer than the “back X”. We chose a wide satin ribbon and delicate organza combo. Find the center point of each, and slightly overlap, creating a “U” shape. Loop it. Slip it. Knot it. Throw over your shoulders, keeping the “X” in the back and secure by tying knots to the belt loops on your pants. Get creative with materials and widths.

Get rid of it and over it.

Life always seems a little bit easier when everything has a place. I liked these tips because they blend organizational ideas with the crucial “get rid of it and over it” mentality.

The top 9 tips and rules I live by. May not be everybody’s cup of tea but they work for me to keep my home and thus my life organized. —Benita

1) Edit, edit edit.
How many pots and pans actually fit on your stove at the same time?
How many clear vases can be filled with flowers at one time? Many if you have a cutting garden, not so many if you live in a small city apartment.
How many (if any) ugly pens you got for free do you need?
How many T-shirts do you need to save for your next paint job?
Constantly edit your belongings.

2) Let it go.
Keep a row of grocery bags in the garage designated for stuff you want to get rid of.  When one bag is full I bring it to wherever it’s intended.

3) It’s only “stuff”.
You probably won’t regret what you’ve edited out. Don’t worry, it’s only stuff.

4) One in - one out
When getting something new get rid of something old.

5) Own what you love.
Just because somebody you love gave you something doesn’t mean you have to display it or even keep it if it’s not to your taste. It’s much better to pass it on to someone who will appreciate it more or to someplace that can use it.

6) Buy storage in bulk.
For a streamlined, less cluttered look get lots of the same boxes in one color and make cute labels for each one.

7) Corral your Clutter.
To avoid day-to-day clutter keep containers in clutter prone places to corral all things trailing about. Put a glass container by the front door for keys, cell phones, coins, buss passes, lost (and found) buttons, sun glasses etc. Get a basket for the top of the stairs to put stuff which needs to go downstairs. When the basket’s is full, bring it downstairs and put away the things where they belong.

8) Rotate your collections.
It’s not necessary to display all your belongings all the time. Switch things around and enjoy the change.

9) Buy white.
White looks clean and fresh and doesn’t draw attention to the boring day to day stuff we all need. Also with white you see when it gets dirty and needs changing.

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